Terrors of Monsoon

Story1Roksana's house was a feeble structure made from mud and thatched roof. It was dim, dark and congested inside but it was a place she could call home. The storm in the wake of the 2016 cyclone left her home in ruins. No longer having a physical roof over her head, she remembers going to sleep every night hoping and praying that it would not rain. She was constantly anxious about the weather, struggling to live everyday with barely any roof over her head.

Without a proper shelter, monsoon and winds were nothing short of terror for her and her son.Poor and widowed, she had no one to look to. Her able sons offered little help and she had little to offer as service for a living. She managed to earn just a few hundred takas from working as a sweeper and doing odds and ends at the village market. It was barely enough to sustain her but she also had a son suffering from mental illness to look after. A day without work meant a day without food.

Story2In such state of finances, a new house was the farthest from her mind. Among all her worries she had little she could do to even repair the broken down house she was living in. Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh (HFHB) has been working in that area through local CBOs. Representatives often inform people about any opportunities through meetings and visits. At this point, when she was barely surviving, Abinta Kabir Foundation’s donation for HFHB’s house building project came as ray of hope for her. Roksana was introduced to the project through CBO member Shefali and with her help Roksana applied for a new home. Field staff members from Habitat Bangladesh visited her home and after an inspection and survey, her application received approval.

Roksana now lives in a solid house with a strong roof protecting her from the erratic weather. There is a sense of peace in living in a safe and comfortable home. Abinta Kabir Foundation through their donation has brought some ease into her difficult life. 

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