Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encourages workplace practices and decisions that honor the triple bottom line philosophy of “People, Planet, Profit”. Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh offers CSR opportunities as a way for businesses to engage with local communities, to promote social development and to take positive and practical actions that truly impact the lives of the under-privileged in Bangladesh.

Our most popular CSR activity at HFH Bangladesh involves corporate volunteers working alongside low-income families in building their homes, together with a financial contribution made by the volunteers’ corporation. The donation is usually the equivalent of HFH Bangladesh’s 'Per House Sponsorship Cost' per team of 10 people. Through this unique CSR engagement, participants are able to impact people's lives in a very practical way.

How it works: sample corporate build

Company X nominates a minimum of 10 participants, employees and sometimes, family members, to form a team.

HFH Bangladesh matches the team to a work site accessible to the company’s location.

Company X takes care of its team's logistics (food, transport to and from the site).

HFH Bangladesh prepares the site and provides an itinerary.

For a one-day build, Company X makes a minimum financial contribution equivalent to the ‘Per House Sponsorship Cost’ per team of 10 people (please enquire about current costs).

HFH Bangladesh arranges build site logistics, facilitates a pre-build safety and skills orientation, hosts the build, and assists in communications.

Company X may have the opportunity to attend a 'Home Dedication' ceremony after the completion of the homes. Media may be invited to this ceremony and press releases drafted in consultation with HFH Bangladesh.

Onsite types of work for volunteers:

  • Carrying bricks, sand, water and cement
  • Making brick chips
  • Mixing mortar
  • Leveling the floor
  • Brick-laying

The hands-on, interactive nature of Habitat volunteer builds offers corporate and institutional volunteers a uniquely rewarding experience, with many benefits often channeling back to the workplace in the form of team building, increased motivation and stronger performance. With the rising significance of CSR and the growing business sector in Bangladesh today, Habitat for Humanity offers the ideal opportunity for companies and organizations to engage in CSR.

Contact our Volunteer Program Manager now at infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your company would like to sponsor and volunteer for HFH Bangladesh and join our mission to eliminate poverty housing.