Donate online

Habitat needs your help to respond to the urgent need for housing across Bangladesh. If you wish to support Habitat Bangladesh, you could use any suitable one from the following options;

Credit Card

Though there is limited facility for online banking in Bangladesh; currently the easiest way to contribute to HFH Bangladesh is by clicking here Donate. This will direct you to the Habitat for Humanity International donation page.

Here they will ask you to enter your donation type (monthly or one time) and amount, contact details and credit card details. On the bottom left of the page, there is an option to “Designate Your Donation” under the "Optional Details" section.

Please click on “Designate your donation” button to designate your gift; this will cause a pop up box to appear.

Please click on the option " to a specific country or region" and select “Bangladesh” from the drop-down menu titled "select country or region".

Click the "Donate" button to complete your donation.

This designation allows HFH International to allocate your generous donation to supporting the Habitat program in Bangladesh.


you can help us by visiting Give2Habitat page. Your online donations benefitting Bangladesh will be routed through Habitat China, as such; the donation currency is in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).